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Dog Information on Food and Nutrition

by Melinda Smith

We love our pets like members of our families, and want to give them the best to ensure many happy and healthy years of companionship. There is a lot of dog information out there, much of it comes from conflicting and biased sources, and does not always give us the knowledge we really need. What can do in order to give our pets the happiest, healthiest lives we possibly can?

Many of the dog foods on the market contain by-products, fillers, and other ingredients that are of very little nutritional value to our pets. These contribute to the rise of canine diseases like diabetes. Can you imagine eating fast food for every meal? This is the human equivalent of many of these foods.

In order to give our pets the best nutrition, pet owners need to educate themselves about pet health and nutrition. One of the first things they will find out is that dogs, being carnivores need to derive most of their protein from meat. Some meats to look for in a good dog food include chicken, lamb, beef meal of other such similar ingredients. It is best if a food contains more than one of these ingredients in its ingredient list, even better if they are all in the first five ingredients listed on the package.

When we look at dog food labels, we should check for the presence of these ingredients, which should generally be avoided. Corn, corn gluten and other grain products are not necessary for dogs, and provide only empty carbohydrates. These are often used to "bulk up" a dog food by a pet food company in order to save money. Ingredients containing the word "by-products" should also be avoided as they can contain pet food plant waste and inedible animal parts.

Vitamins and minerals are also necessary for a good canine diet, and many foods list nutritional supplements in their ingredients. Dog information sources say that chelated minerals have the advantage of being easier for dogs to process. Chelated minerals are included in many quality foods such as lifes abundance dog food.

Another option is to make your own dog food. Many pet owners are choosing to do this because it allows them to control exactly what goes in to their pets' food. Some owners even go the extra mile and feed their dogs and cats a raw diet that more closely matches what their pets would have eaten in the wild.

No matter the brand or style of feeding you decide on, be sure to keep up to date on dog information on health and nutrition. Information sources can be found on the internet and libraries, but of you have any doubts or questions, please contact your veterinarian as the best source of dog information.

A caring pet owner should learn to choose a good dog food based on the ingredient list. A premium food like lifes abundance dog food should contain turkey, chicken, beef or lamb as its main protein, and avoid grains and animal by-products. You can also choose to make your own dog food or feed a raw diet like a dog would eat in the wild. Always consult your vet for reliable dog information.

Published August 21st, 2009

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