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Guam: Property Investment Perks

by Alison Ward

The past decade witnessed a tremendous increase in the purchase, interest and hype of buying an investment property overseas. From the later 90's until today there is a boost in the value of real estate, while the costs for airline destinations have dramatically declined. Due to these, middle class families now have more financial opportunities from the excess equities of their current homes to purchase properties overseas. As we all know investing on real estate is a solid method to prepare for the future.

Location is perhaps one of the most important considerations that one could think of when purchasing an investment property overseas. Europe and the Americas have been the primary destinations for families who would like to own properties abroad, but why bother living in crowded places when you could actually be a pioneer homeowner in a place that is considered as the hottest real estate destination of today? Guam is an island territory of the United States that is currently experiencing unprecedented economic and real estate growth fueled by its tourism and military expansion.

Strategically located seven hours away from the island of Hawaii, and just four hours short from major Asian destinations like Japan, Guam is acknowledged as the frontier where America's day begins. That is, it enjoys a US dollar economy, and is a major melting pot for diverse backgrounds as seen from its rich Asian and local Chamorro cultures. While the US mainland is encountering crisis in its mortgages, Guam is showing strong performances in real estate due to the military relocation that posits $15 billion of expected expenditures. As such, many real estate investors are eyeing for Guam's expected growth and are looking forward to earn profits by owning an investment property overseas.

The geographic location of Guam is what makes it an ideal destination for families as well as American and Asian businesses. The place is highly accessible considering that it is surrounded by many routes of swift access towards main roads, stations, ferry ports and international airport. Since its technology, telecommunication and overall industry are adherent to US standards, the business climate in the area is very competitive and is able to fulfill a whole range of expectations from various industries. As such, if you intend to purchase a Guam home for sale, not only will you enjoy the rich culture of this island, but you could also greatly benefit from the potentials of international business.

Rental properties in Guam are also gaining momentum in the real estate market. The appreciation for owning rental homes in Guam is driven by the increased number of tourists visiting the island to enjoy the sand, sea and culture of this US territory. The rental yield in the island is up to 14%, wherein a 220 meter rental home could earn up to $3,000 per month, and $700 per month for an 80 meter property. The rental income tax in Guam is very low and its tenancy laws are very amiable to landlords; hence, earning profits from rental could be a good business in Guam.

Generally, the real estate market in Guam will bolster for the following years as more and more investors would like to take advantage of the developments in the relocation currently taking place in the territory. By taking this into consideration, it isn't hard to realize that these are the best times to own properties in Guam. If you have the intent to purchase a Guam home for sale, you don't have to worry about the process as there are many estate agents who would help you out in your overseas investment. With the accessibility of the place, the island's mixed culture, business potentials and expected income growth, you'll definitely own a solid investment that would provide you endless benefits for the long term.

If you're looking for the perfect location to buy your investment property overseas, you may want to try looking at Guam. At the moment, this US territory is regarded as one of the hottest real estate destinations due to its booming tourism industry and expected military expansion. Rental properties as well as Guam home for sale are now being sold fast among interested investors because of the financial potentials they posit.

Published August 16th, 2010

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