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Tumon Guam: Getting The Best Investment Properties

by Alison Ward

Buying properties to get a hold of either a home or condominium unit and moving ahead of the property ladder is perhaps the best means to secure long term financial stability. There isn't any other investment today that could offer both stability and excellent returns than that of property investment. While the stock market does offer high returns, many people know that it is a volatile place that could break anytime, especially these days that it has been underperforming. Hence, many people are now seeing the value of property investment in such ways that they consider it as the best vehicle for establishing long term financial wealth.

Purchasing investment property overseas is becoming a popular trend. In fact, more and more people are purchasing properties abroad in order to have a getaway home for their families, assets to have them rented for good returns or just to have an investment that would acquire them capital gains in the future. There are myriads of reasons why it is preferable to have a property investment abroad. To start with, there's reduced taxation and you could have regular income source if you're having your property rented by other people; you and your family have regular vacation destinations especially if you own several properties in different foreign regions; and since your property increases in value over the years, you could take advantage of this opportunity if you would decide to resell your property.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits that could be derived from having an investment property overseas, why not start purchasing your own property abroad? There are many places where you could actually cash your money in and one of the most in demand today is in Guam. Guam is a US island territory situated at the crossroads of Asia-Pacific countries that includes Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Philippines. It is regarded as one of the major economic forces because of its location, highly modernized telecommunication system and well-developed infrastructures.

In 2005, United States and Japan announced that the 8,000 marines serving in Okinawa along with their families would be transferred to Guam in 2010. This then requires $10 billion of new construction and procurement of infrastructures that would support the enlarged presence of people. Due to this, many investors from Asia, United States and other countries have seen the potentials of Guam to be transformed into one of the newest hub for investment property overseas. Accordingly, the island of Guam is now experiencing an increased rate of expansion in the field of property ownership.

Tumon, which is a part of the Tamuning district, is considered as one of the best places to own properties in Guam as it is considered as the island's economic center. Tumon Guam holds several benefits that families, investors and individuals with properties in this area could enjoy. Since it is the principal economic contributor of the island, it is in Tumon where the best high rise hotels, malls, souvenir shops, and upscale boutiques are located; making it a world class shopping location for many locals and tourists of diverse backgrounds. It is also known for its lush greenery, and the beaches surrounding it are all wildlife preserves.

In terms of financial services, Tumon has a full range of services that includes collections, letter credits, money transfers, automated tellers, money markets, and commercial and residential estate loans among others. The area could also be applauded for its very competitive education, transportation and business industries since its infrastructures and information technology are entirely implemented under US standards. Nonetheless, the community is strongly secured due to military presence and political stability. Apparently, Tumon Guam is indeed a good property investment location for both investors and homeowners.

Having an investment property overseas is fast becoming popular due to the many benefits that could be derived from it. There are many places where one could purchase properties, and Guam is one of the hottest real estate destinations today. Buying properties in this US territory, specifically in Tumon Guam has significantly increased after the joint decision of the US and Japanese governments to transfer 8,000 marines from Okinawa to Guam.

Published August 10th, 2010

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