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Buy Property Abroad: Guam

by Alison Ward

If you intend to buy property abroad, consider following a methodical and systematic process, reinforced by careful analysis, planning and execution. But, most homeowners are often overpowered by their emotions rather than their rational considerations, which in turn allow them to make impulsive purchasing decisions. Sadly, these impulsive actions often lead to serious ramifications. The inability to follow real estate purchasing methods may end up with results like the property having no habitation license, refusal of utilities, inability for resale, poor house construction which may result to accidents and at times having the house demolished.

Purchasing mistakes when you buy property abroad could cause legal troubles, stress and uncertainty that could last for a very long time results that prospective homeowners wouldn't like to happen. Purchase a property abroad hastily and you would surely lament your decisions in the near future. To prevent these things from occurring, getting things accordingly can mean taking things one day at a time and doing your own homework. If you would be able to do these things, you would certainly enjoy your overseas property without getting into any legal trouble.

It certainly is tempting to look for property investments while you're in a holiday, and it certainly makes sense to buy a property in a place you know and fond of as opposed to purchasing a property in an unknown territory. However, you should consider that holidays are not the right time to do your property scouting as you're not virtually on you rational mind during these periods, meaning you have to set the right time to truly indulge in property-hunting visit. It is also advisable to search in different locations for varying real estate investments for comparisons that would help you with your decisions. One notable prospective location and property investments that you may want to look at are the homes for sale in Guam.

The amount of homes for sale in Guam are low to moderate compared to property investments in other countries, although the biggest costs could be procured from real estate agents that ranges from 4% to 10% of the property value that would be shouldered by the seller, while the buyer is responsible for all the other fees including fees for title insurance, recording and escrow. There are no constraints in terms of foreign property ownership; however, Guam laws allow foreigners to own only one owner-occupied property under their personal names if they are not citizens of the USA or if they do not have any plans of acquiring permanent residency in this US territory.

Let's just say that you finally found your dream house in one of the homes for sale in Guam, the next thing that you would have to do is to check if there are associated issues with the property you like to purchase that could posit future problems on your side. The first action that you have to take is to have the property inspected and surveyed in order to analyze its physical condition and know if there are structural problems such as subsidence or if roof replacements are needed, which will cost extra finances for you later. Once you are assured that there are no issues associated with your prospective property, the next things that you have to attend to include some form of a title, written documents of who owns what, and series of contracts that fall under two categories: first is the preliminary contract that contains the owners commitment of selling the property and the buyer's commitment to purchase the property along with some form of deposit, and secondly, the completion of the closing contract that would finalize and set the deal. With all these, it would be necessary for you to have your personal legal representative and not the one suggested by the selling agent to ensure that your interests are well represented, the property bound are clearly outlined and there would be no ownership disputes later.

If you would purchase a property, let's say in Tamuning, with investment primarily in mind, it is essential that you focus on the financial elements of your future purchase. If your objective is to get an income through rentals, it is advisable to search the local rental market so that you could establish the return that you should expect. It is also important that you do some consumer research in order to gauge the rate of occupancy in the area where you intend to purchase your property compared to a property in a nearby community along with the costs like utility bills, taxes, housekeeping so that you could make realistic estimates. Overall, there are certain drawbacks associated to purchasing an overseas property; however, you should not use such drawbacks as a reason not to purchase a property as owning your own little piece overseas could definitely transform your life into a more meaningful one.

To buy property abroad, whether it is one of the homes for sale in Guam or a holiday house in Spain, it is essential to carry out your purchase with careful analysis, planning and legally adherent execution. For example you wish to purchase a rental house in Tamuning, your decisions should not be persuaded by your emotions but should be based on rational considerations.

Published August 16th, 2010

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