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Joseph Calata And His Agriculture Business

by Alison Ward

Josh Calata implemented modern methods in agriculture. He is the chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation, a family owned business. He began his career in 2001, and played a big part in applying technological advancement in the agricultural industry. He made it convenient to manage the farm by using computerized procedures that secures collections and credit.

Moreover, it enabled efficient transactions to various farming suppliers. Josh Calata began earning income afterwards. There is a great number of people who clarified that he had no trouble in managing his way through the farm fields to help the workers. Earning revenues through agrochemical and other agricultural supplies was easy for him. Regardless of all the success he accomplished, this youthful entrepreneur still wished to extend his trade in all parts of the country.

In due time, Josh Calata became one of the most recognized distributor of agriculture products in the nation. Applying technology in the farming industry was the best trading technique. He knew that applying technology will effectively help gain more sales. To develop a strong sales and marketing program, it was necessary to established a well-paced and fixed process.

The technologigical procedures applied in the farming process puts his business ahead, which makes the company expand and employ more staff. Because of the well established methods used, the corporation became one of the world's leading company in agriculture products. At this point, Calata Corporation, employs over 2000 people and gives individuals more chance for employment. The young business tycoon now takes part in other businesses outside agriculture.

The corporation was formerly managed by his father and mother, under a different company name. He started his line of trade when he was still a clerk back in 2001. This technique enabled the corporation to be the top provider of agriculture supplies. The business is continuously growing because of the technology he applied to the business.

Furthermore, the corporation is the supplier of many companies such as San Miguel Corporation, Bayer, and other well-known trades. He is more interested in administering products where farmers are mostly involved. Furthermore, he also has great faith in the company and promotes excellence with the belief that everything is possible.

Joseph Calata is the biggest distributor of agro chemical products, feeds, fertilizers and vetmeds in the Philippines. He has smart maneuvers in the agriculture sector which made him well-recognized.

Published July 16th, 2011

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